Dan GordonDan was the special business speaker at the Expo. He encouraged us to be aware of our businesses’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI), critical for a company’s sustainability and growth. These are the numbers to track if we want to improve efficiencies.

Dan’s motto is “Work on your business. Not in your business.” As a business owner, you need to work on processes and procedures. Just because you’re a good Pest Management Professional (PMP) doesn’t mean you’re a good businessman. Work on improving your business acumen along with your technical skills.

A business owner needs to build systems that can be duplicated and repeated. Systematize your business so that everyone shares a role in your vision. A manual is a great place to start. It allows everyone to follow on the same sheet of music. It also allows you to identify what you do and how you do it and serves as a checklist in order to make everyone accountable.

We have purposely remained vague on Dan’s talk because we want you to buy and read his latest book for all the details. This presentation was based on From Technician to CEO: The Evolution of a High-Growth Pest Control and Lawn Care Company.” It’s a fictional story about a son who comes back home after graduating college to take over the family business. It follows the challenges of merging the old with the new. It is available at Pest Management Professional Magazine’s online bookstore. Proceeds from this book benefit the Valerie Fund, an organization that helps families of children with cancer.


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