Jeff McGovern: “A Survey of Essential Equipment”

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Bug Off Pest Control Center, New York Pest Expo
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Jeff McGovernThis was Jeff’s third appearance as a speaker at the New York Pest Expo and it was awesome! Jeff’s presentation focused on finding success through technique.

Jeff opened by emphasizing the value a PMP provides to the client. It has a price tag and should not be negotiated. Do not under-value yourself. Charge for your time and knowledge. Do an assessment and evaluation for your clients. That’s how you promote value.

Your appearance also says a lot about the value you’re offering. Be dressed and well-armed to do the work.

Your success will be a result of the process; not the product. Technique, expertise and finesse are the key elements to success as a professional. Success also depends on customer cooperation. This requires you to be articulate and charismatic so that you can get your client to work with you. Build that partnership with your customer for mutual benefit.

Jeff also points out the importance of thinking before approaching a job. Protect yourself from injury and contamination. Wear personal protection equipment. Be considerate of your clients and their property. Deploy clean equipment and wear a sanitary suit like Mattress Safe’s BodyGuard – Jeff’s favorite apparel.

Part of being prepared is always carrying a flashlight. Jeff’s flashlight rule:
“1 is none and 2 is 1! You have to have backup. Carry the back up with you at all times or you’ll fail.”

Here’s a breakdown of Jeff’s “Process, not Product” mantra:

  • Vacuum first! Remove the problem and debris. Atrix Hepa Vacs are Jeff’s favorite.
  • Bait as much as possible. You’ll use less product, see better results and increase your profitability.
  • Monitor and trap. It will allow you to understand what you’re up against and if you’re succeeding. In the case of rodents, don’t use peanut butter as a bait. There is too much of a risk with the high rate of peanut allergies today.
  • Use a moisture meter. Where there’s moisture, chances are that’s where the pests are. Jeff prefers the Tramex meters.
  • Use mechanical control techniques. One of the most dramatic tools any pest control operator can have in their arsenal is the Cryonite system. Sudden temperature change kills all life stages on an insect instantly. Effective use of this system requires skill and practice. Heat and steam treatments are also great options for thermal remediation.
  • Apply residual materials appropriate for the client, pest and site.

Jeff’s approach is a layered approach. It does not rely on a magic bullet or over-reliance on a single product. It requires an combined-arms formula which is tried and true.

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