Joe Barile, BCE, Bayer Environmental Science: General Entomology for PMP

Posted: December 2, 2014 in New York Pest Expo
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Joe BarileJoe Barile opened this year’s New York Pest Expo. His presentation, General Entomology for PMP’s focused on what the urban PMP needs to know about practical entomology. He is a great entomologist and outstanding educator. Joe was our instructor when Bug Off presented the first Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Preparatory Course in 2008.

Joe started off with encouraging us all to become well-rounded entomological experts. Things are changing and we must change as well. We need to become more current and stop relying on treatments that are outdated. Always remember, you are the expert. Not your client. Rely on your knowledge not their assumptions. Investigate and confirm the problem. You must become more tactical and know the biology of the pest. You must predict what the outcome will be and decide if a treatment is necessary.

General Entomology is important. It begins with pest identification,  knowledge of pest biology and behavior, and identifying the best control strategies within an IPM framework. Insects are competing with us for dominance on this planet. They will evolve to survive. Will you? Insects adapt to their environment in order to survive. For example, Argentine Ants have been found on Antartica. A colony was able to adapt and survive in that harsh climate. How? They found a source of food and water and shelter.

It’s up to us to break the pest survival triangle. To remove an infestation we must take away their life needs: food, water, shelter and breeding sites. When we eliminate their food sources, we may replace them with bait. Monitors and traps serve to replace harborage sites. Remember that whatever strategy you choose has to be pest/site specific. In order to do that, you have to be a well-versed urban entomologist.

If you’re interested in improving your entomological skills, Bug Off Pest Control Center will be offering The Complete PMP Course in March, 2015 where we’ll be covering a lot of the material you’ll need to know for the ACE Exam.


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