Please note, our website suffered a serious crash and we’re working to restore it.
Rest assured, Bug Off Pest Control Center is alive and well and ready to take care of our friends.

Thank you for your patience as we work on this.

For orders or for any other reason, please call us at

or email us at


xpress granular bait

Xpress Granular Bait  Buy 1 4-lb container, receive 1 8-oz jar free. While supplies last.


Zenprox  Buy 1 pint, receive 1 free can of Zenprox Aerosol, free. While supplies last.


Temprid RS  @ $132.00 per case of 12. Through 12/31/14.

Tempo SC Ultra 240ml 

Temprid SC  @ $75.00 per 400 ml container. Through 12/31/14.

Brigand SB 

Brigand Soft Bait  $5.00 off per 18-lb pail. Through 12/31/14

Buy five cases, any combination, of the following products:


D Force



Invader, receive a free

B&G Aerasol
B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit ($99.00 value). While supplies last

Euro Mouse Box

Euro Mouse Stations. Buy 4 boxes, get one more free. Through 12/31/14

Mouse Book

Mouse Books
Buy 2 boxes, get one more free. Through 12/31/14

Rat Book 

Rat Books. Buy 2 boxes, get one more free. Through 12/31/14


Aegis RP. Buy 2 cases, get 1 free LED flashlight free.

LED Flashlight
While supplies last

Halo 45 Fly Machine 

Halo 45 Fly Machines

Buy 4, get 1 more free. Through 12/31/14.

DuPont Insecticide:Advion 

Arilon Buy 1 bag, get a free bag of Arena ($42.00 value) free.

While supplies last.


JT Eaton – Kills Bed Bugs Aerosol @ $35.00/case. While supplies last.

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