Reasons for Attending the 2014 New York Pest Expo

Posted: November 7, 2014 in New York Pest Expo
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Enhibitors 1Reasons for Attending the
2014 New York Pest Expo

(Let us know if we missed anything)

Be part of the most significant 1-day event in pest management!

• Come to the world’s greatest showcase – NEW YORK CITY!

• Learn from our Superstar Speakers:
Joe Barile, BCE, Dr. Bobby Corrigan, Dr. Nicola Gallagher, Dr. Bill Robinson,
Lou Sorkin, BCE, Jeff McGovern and Dan Gordon, CPA.

Visit dozens of exhibits featuring products for crawling insects (learn about Bayer’s new Impact bait) and flying pests (MGK, P&L, Rockwell, Summit and Syngenta will be there!);  IGRs (CLS will be there!); rodents (AB Bait, AP&G, JT Eaton, Kness and LiphaTech will be there!); learn about EcoLogic‘s unique rodent control device; bed bugs (pick up the revolutionary EcoRaider at a blowout price!); mattress encasements and liners (our friends from Allergy Tech and Mattress Safe will be there!); birds (Flock Free will be there!); see how to add Wildlife Control to your business; business support services (Hibu and Daily News Digital will be there!); software (Service Pro will be there!); take a moment to join the NYPMA; meet our friends from PMP Magazine; insurance (our friends from Select and Weisburger will be there); thermal equipment (pick up a Mosebach portable heater at a blowout price!); freezing equipment (try out the Cryonite System and pick one up at a blowout price!); steamers (we’ll be blowing out Steamax steamers by AmeriVap Systems!); moisture meters (we’ll be blowing out the Tramex line!); application equipment (we’ll be blowing out B&G equipment!); vacuums (pick up Atrix Vacs at blowout prices!); exclusion devices; safety gear (check out the latest line by Gloves By Web); repellents (EPIC will be there!); green options; add-on services and advertising and marketing services.

Get in on the food, gifts, prizes, raffles, promos and blowout pricing on supplies and equipment. No one leaves the Expo empty-handed!

• Take advantage of same-day, tax-free blowout prices on B&G Equipment (WE’LL BE BLOWING THEM OUT!);  Pest Management Technical ManualsCryonite Systems (WE’LL BE BLOWING THEM OUT!); Steamax Steamers (WE’LL BE BLOWING THEM OUT!); Wildlife Supplies; Atrix Vacs (WE’LL BE BLOWING THEM OUT!); Tramex Moisture Meters (WE’LL BE BLOWING THEM OUT!); Mosebach Heaters (WE’LL BE BLOWING THEM OUT!);  10% off all in-stock items through 11/15/14 and month-long discounts and promos from Active Guard, Mattress Safe, JT Eaton,  and others – BUT ONLY IF YOU ATTEND!

• Network. Network. Network. Create alliances among colleagues, share ideas, explore employment opportunities, get a head start on your competitors.

Get a boat-load of New York State RECERTIFICATION CREDITS:
7A  – 5.0,  7C  – 2.0, 7F  – 5.0,  8  – 5.0,  10  – 5.0

Improve your skills and elevate your professionalism for only $135.00 (by November 8 – $200.00 after November 8)

This ins’t a workshop or a seminar or a meeting.

This is an EVENT!

Don’t miss out. 

Register NOW!

call us at:


or email us at: 

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