Lou Sorkin, BCE, Entsult Associates, Inc.: Emerging Pests – What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

Posted: February 5, 2014 in New York Pest Expo
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Lou speaking PE1What’s the New York Pest Expo without a presentation from Lou Sorkin? Lou has been sharing his expertise and knowledge with us for many years. He has the singular distinction of having made more presentations than any other speaker at the New York Pest Expo.

Lou first pointed out the importance of differentiating pests from non-pest species by employing identification techniques to separate pests from insects that may have no pest status at all.  Be aware: not all beetles, roaches, moths and flies are pests!

By the same token, we don’t want to harm beneficial species. We should be respectful of the pollinators, predators and “recyclers” in nature.  Just because they’re insects doesn’t mean we need to intervene in the presence of some bees, wasps, beetles and mantids.

After reviewing the features of some sample invertebrates as well as some emerging species, Lou pointed out that when confronted with a pest, we must decide whether to suppress, eradicate, encourage or ignore. It is not only the identification of the organism that we must consider, the location or site where that animal is found plays a significant role in  determining your course of action. It is this situational analysis that many Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) often ignore. Before jumping to a conclusion, know what you are dealing with.

Lou’s already working on his presentation for the 2014 New York Pest Expo. We won’t give away the subject matter, but it’ll be a good one. Don’t miss out.


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