Jeff McGovern: Adding Layers for Successful Pest Management

Posted: December 18, 2013 in New York Pest Expo
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Jeff McGovern Bug Off Pest Control Center NYPestExpoJeff has become a popular speaker at the annual New York Pest Expo. And for good reason – if you’ve missed any of his talks you’ve missed some of the most entertaining, animated and informative presentations anywhere.

This year Jeff helped us understand how building with layers of service and processes will result in successful pest management. The primary processes every PCO has in their arsenal are: heat, cold, fumigation, chemical, non-chemical and mechanical.

To understand how to layer properly a PCO must assess the situation and communicate strategies with the client.  This should be done first, last and in between. It’s an ongoing process.

In the case of rats, we know the best solution is exclusion. The first layer: identify the penetration zones. Seal them out and use repellents like Rat Out and Detour. When baiting, realize that there are layers to baiting as well: soft bait, dry bait and liquid bait.  AB Bait Co. has a great soft bait product called Brigand that performs extremely well.

Another layer to consider in rodent control is trapping.  The push/pull technique of using repellents to alter the traffic patterns of rodents, plus installing traps results in more successful trapping programs.

Think about how layers work when dealing with cockroaches.  Ramp monitors enable you to map a roach population in one night! If nymphs are present on the trap you know you’re not far from the harborage site. They don’t travel any great distance, only about 12 inches or so.  So look in nearby areas you suspect they’re coming from. If you notice roaches in a cabinet, for example, break out the HEPA Vac and suck up the bugs.  A favorite Jeff McGovern quote: “Suck first. Suck last. Suck always!”

For roaches, stored product pests, wasps, hornets and bed bugs, freeze the insect population with Cryonite.  Liquid CO2 is converted to snow producing a temperature of  -108⁰ , freezing all life stages of the insect instantly. Bug Off Pest Control Center is the exclusive US distributor for this fine product. Come see us for all the details.

Dusting has always been a great option for layering. You can dust in a wall void, hole or any tight crevice for long-term results. For this purpose the Technicide Duster or B&G Versaduster is a great tool. Dust is applied in a thin layer for the most effective results.

Bed bug work is hard and takes time, knowledge and determination. If you don’t do it right, don’t do it at all.  A professional will always assess the situation first and come up with the right layers for treatment: exclusion, chemical, thermal (hot or cold), monitoring/trapping, encasement. Encasements are a great exclusion tool. Our friends at Mattress Safe offer an outstanding product line.

Another great new tool is Cimi-Shield which allows you to treat fabrics and offers a 1-year residual.  Pest Barrier and Bug Off will be presenting a series of Webinars featuring Jeff Mc Govern where we’ll be discussing the proper use of Cimi-Shield and how to build layers in bed bug control. The Webinars will be held on Wednesday, December 18 at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm and on Thursday, December 19 at 3:00 pm. Let us know which session you’d like to attend. Space is limited. Don’t miss out.

Are you layering? Feel free to share your techniques with us.

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