How to pinpoint pests at commercial accounts

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Pest Management
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There’s a lot to consider before inspecting a commercial account, particularly if it’s a food warehouse.  Some areas are more vulnerable than others and certain aspects can make a difference in identifying pest infestations and their causes. When we read this article by Austin M. Frishman, Pinpointing pests at commercial accounts, published by Pest Management Professional, June 2013,  we found it very informative and thought you would too. Please let us know if you have any helpful advise to add to the list on Facebook, G+, or Twitter

When you’ve inspected commercial accounts for more than 40 years, you learn how to do them correctly. At one time, I was responsible for examining more than 1 billion cu. ft. of space in a given year. I refer to cubic feet because I wasn’t inspecting floors only. You have to look up, down and around. If you try to look at the area all at once, it’s like eating a thick sandwich in one bite. You’ll choke to death.

Before you take your first physical steps into these accounts, ask these questions to obtain the most pertinent information in the least amount of time:
1. What internal and external audits are done, and by whom? Look at the last two reports to see what concerns might exist.

2. Are employees unionized? If so, you have to comply by union rules. Find out whether you’ll be allowed to open an employee locker, for example.

3. Are there any special safety issues? Asbestos concerns and ladder requirements are two common examples.

4. Are there any current construction projects? If so, where?

5.Can someone get you the specs of the facility? Do simple maps delineating different areas exist?

6. What are the customers’ concerns about pests and problem areas? Remember, history has a way of repeating itself.

7. How is the account divided in terms of employees? For example, in the health area, there might be staff from the administration, housekeeping, maintenance, nursing and dietary departments.

8. Who are the key supervisors in each area? To whom do you report?

9. What areas are especially vulnerable? See box below for more details.

10. What languages are spoken at this account? You need to know this to ensure you can contact the right people to communicate your observations. I envy people who can speak three or four different languages

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