A Cool IPM Tool for National Bed Bug Week. Come See It.

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Products
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It’s National Bed Bug Week. What are you doing to make a difference? Might we suggest our Professional Workshop: The Future of Bed Bug Management this Thursday, April 25.

Jeff McGovern and Dr. Jeffrey Brown will be discussing alternative bed bug management techniques. Learn standards for assessment, monitoring and evaluation; master mechanical control options such as vacuuming, steaming and encasement; add effective 25b-exempt and other “green” products to your arsenal; and finally, learn all about the Cryonite System for freezing insects to death. You’ll have a chance to try out the system in the hands-on portion of the event. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be on the cutting edge. inAttend our Bed Bug Workshop April 25th and learn more about this amazing tool, the Cryonite System. cryonite ad2acryonite ad2bcryonite ad2c

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