Cimi-Shield Brings Major Bed Bug Relief to Homeless Shelter

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Bed Bugs
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cimi homeless shelterThe Samoshel homeless shelter in Santa Monica, CA had one of the worst bed bug problems imaginable. And with a limited budget, they had not been able to find an effective solution. One hundred percent of the residents had complained of being bitten, bed bugs were visible on their blankets mid day, and most residents were keeping their possessions in plastic trash bags. Some even put their bed legs into pails of water.

About 100 beds were placed in three different rooms of a temporary structure. Low walls separated the rooms. With infested possessions and bedding everywhere, and infrequent laundering, this was a zero control site.

Read the PMP Perspective of this story.

Cimi2Pest Barrier heard about the situation and offered a free treatment with Cimi-Shield, the green bed bug eliminator with a twelve-month residual on fabric and cracks and crevices. But we were nervous, the problem was so vast with so much food and easy passageways, we didn’t think anything could possibly solve this problem; but we decided to give it a try.

Donna Miller, the director of operations at the shelter was impressed with Cimi-Shield on paper. It is FIFRA 25(b), GRAS, odorless, non-staining and would allow the residents to move back in after just a few hours out. Their executive director, John Maceri, gave the OK and the wheels started turning.

Cimi3Three weeks before the treatment, twelve Climb-Ups were positioned randomly under bunk-bed legs around the dormitory. The chart below shows the number of bugs caught in both outer and inner rings.

The date was set. The residents took their bedding to the laundry, the beds were stripped, and the spraying began.

All six sides of every mattress were treated with a fine mist of Cimi-Shield. The product was also sprayed in some cracks and crevices, like the bottoms of lockers and some floor molding. But the complex was so vast, we really only got about 10% of the cracks. New mattress covers were installed, and those were also treated with Cimi-Shield. Bed bugs that were sprayed died immediately.


Cimi-Shield’s residual is intended to latch on to fabrics like mattresses and carpeting. The shelter’s mattresses are vinyl, as are the new covers. And the floors are polished cement. Still, the Cimi-Shield was applied consistently to all bedding surfaces (except for blankets which is also an option, but was not possible on treatment day) and in our opinion delivered results.

The chart below shows an appreciable reduction in bed bugs. But more importantly, Miller, the director of the shelter reports only 30% of residents complaining about beg bugs, down from 100%. The staff and residents have experienced significant relief. Sixty days after the treatment, the numbers are holding at very low levels. And as long as the product remains on the mattresses and mattress covers, it will continue to kill bed bugs.

Miller is happy and thankful that Samoshel was chosen for this study. She is convinced that Cimi-Shield has dramatically reduced the problem, and feels that even after sixty days, it continues to kill the bugs.

Bed Bug Count

Outer Rings Inner Rings
10/05/12 59 11
10/22/12 197 46
10/29/12 (Cimi-Shield Treatment) 35 21
11/07/12 23 17
11/28/12 23 6
12/04/12 13 4
12/20/12 4 4

Outer Ring vs. Inner Ring – Outer ring means bed bugs came from the floor. Inner ring means they came from the bed.

Do you have a non-profit customer in need, and unable to pay for services? Pest Barrier will provide free Cimi-Shield to qualified applicants on a grant basis. E-mail us for details.

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PMP Perspective

Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern
“The site presented a challenging situation for any intervention to manage a problem with bed bugs. The fact that Cimi-Shield performed so well under adverse conditions speaks highly of its effectiveness. Many times in the field, a PMP is unable to stage the area prior to treatment to get optimum results. The situation is beyond their control and they must work with conditions as they exist. Using Cimi-Shield in this situation provided relief to the residents and will continue to kill bed bugs in and on the treated zones for many months. The insect pressure on the site will not be reduced because introduction will remain a constant problem. However, Cimi-Shield will prevent the introductions from becoming an infestation and give long-term relief to the residents. An added plus is that it is a 25b exempt material and does not pose a threat to humans or the environment.”

Jeff McGovern is an independent pest control consultant who has been working with Cimi-Shield for more than three years. He is available to discuss the product with anyone that calls. Call Jeff McGovern at (770) 331-4348 or e-mail him at


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