Advanced Flying Insect Control, presented by Dr. Stuart Mitchell, PestWest Environmental

Posted: December 19, 2012 in New York Pest Expo
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2012 nype stuart mitchellWe were honored to have Dr. Stuart Mitchell, of PestWest Environmental, speak at the 10th edition of the New York Pest Expo. This was his first time presenting and we’re sure it won’t be his last.

Dr. Mitchell is a Doctor many times over. He is a physician as well as a Board Certified Entomologist who has written many articles and offered many presentations for the pest control industry. He brings a unique perspective when discussing pests and their effects on human health.

PestWest TrainingAccording to Dr. Mitchell, pest control operators should consider themselves part of the public health community. In many respects, houseflies are public enemy #1. They transmit bacteria and viruses which make humans ill. Successful control requires pinpointing the exact fly species in order to identify breeding sites, food preferences and appropriate control methods.  A good reference book you should consider adding to your library is The PestWest Training Manual.  This book was prepared by Dr. Mitchell and is available at Bug Off Pest Control Center.

We are currently planning our next Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Training Course for the Spring of 2013.  Dr. Mitchell is on the Certification Committee and is currently revising the ACE Exam. He will be our instructor and we will be using the Training Manual as the Preparatory Course textbook.  Keep your eyes open for announcements when we set the date. Better yet, add your name to our email database so that you don’t miss out.


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