Adding Wildlife Control to Your Existing Business, Presented by Alan Huot, Wildlife Control Supplies

Posted: December 12, 2012 in New York Pest Expo
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Last week we shared a great article here on The Center, Humane Urban Wildlife Management: What Does it Really Mean? As a follow up we thought it would be great to share our post Adding Wildlife Control to Your Existing Business as a follow up. This post was a recap of Alan Huot’s presentation at the 2012 New Pest Expo. This years Expo is sure to impress as well.

Alan Huot Presenting New York Pest Expo 2012This was Alan’s first time presenting at the New York Pest Expo. He had presented at our Wildlife workshop, “Call of the Wild”, earlier in the year. It was such a great success we felt this topic needed to have its own place at the Expo.

Adding wildlife control to your pest control business is, in most cases, a natural progression. Many PCOs receive calls from existing accounts requesting their assistance not knowing whom else to call. Most calls are due to problems with raccoons, squirrels and moles. Other less common calls are due to snakes, bats, and possums.  If you’re not credentialed and well-versed in wildlife control, you’re losing out on an opportunity to diversify your business and help make it grow.

Alan H and wcs New York Pest Expo 2012

It doesn’t cost a lot to add this service. The start-up costs are generally around $1000. This includes licensing fees and investment in some specialized equipment. Some basic equipment would include ladders, traps, protective gear, grabbers, nooses and one-way doors.

Licensing, permits and knowledge of state and local regulations related to trapping, transporting and disposing of catches is critical. Information on rules and regulations can be found as  follows: In  New York, call Paul Stringer at 518-402-8982; In New Jersey, contact the Bureau of Wildlife Management at 609-292-6685; In Connecticut, contact the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCO) at 860-325-2199; For those in Pennsylvania, call the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 717-787-4250.

For more information regarding wildlife training in your area please contact the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. They will review and provide training information for everything from deer to moose control.  Just visit their website at

In addition to credentials, proper equipment, personal safety and proper technique, a wildlife control specialist must always be aware good public relations. Animals must be handled humanely and with respect in order to avoid negative backlashes from the public.

We hope you consider adding wildlife control to your portfolio. If so, be sure to visit your friends at Bug Off Pest Control Center

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