“The Evolution of Modern Pest Management” was Jeff’s first of two presentations at the 2012 New York Pest Expo. He was our bookend speaker: He opened and closed for us and was a big hit at the show. We thank our friends at Bird Barrier/Pest Barrier for making his appearance possible.

If you think about it, pest control dates back to the cavemen. They stored food and supplies and had to keep them free of pests, so they probably used a club or rock as a prehistoric pest management tool.

Today we have some amazing products and education forums that have improved the pest management process. Take Pro-Pest Rat and Mouse Lure, for example. Jeff used it in a meat processing plant and it worked very well in a matter of hours. Add it to a Snap-E Trap in a Magnetic Trap Base and you have a very versatile tool that can be placed anywhere in any position. A great rodent bait Jeff recommends is AB Bait Co’s Brigand SB. AB Bait joined us to exhibit their highly effective products at the show.

Jeff has also made some discoveries. He found that Termite Seeker not only will work well in identifying termite infestations, but can also help identify rodent nests. Research is being done right now to determine its effectiveness in locating active rat burrows.

Consider using the Border Control adhesive barrier system. It comes in a 60-foot long, 12-inch wide roll that can be cut to size. This is great for intercepting mice as well as flying and crawling insects.

And then there are bed bugs. They were surely among the critters those cavemen had to contend with. Today we have some amazing products. First, wear the right gear. Jeff was sporting the Body Guard protective suit manufactured by our friends at Mattress Safe. Next, select the right equipment. All PMPs should have in their possession at least one flashlight, preferably two. The well-equipped PCO should also always carry a black light. Jeff was instrumental in conducting field tests with the Cryonite System. Silvandersson Sweden AB, makers of Cryonite, selected Bug Off Pest Control Center to distribute its System in the United States. Cryonite makes use of carbon dioxide to freeze insects to death. It is a unique, non-toxic and easy-to-use technology that eliminates all life stages of crawling and flying insects like roaches, bed bugs, stored product pests and wasps. Cryonite can be used almost anywhere: food establishments, hotels, hospitals and schools. It can be used directly on furniture, bedding and even electronic equipment.

Jeff did a great job introducing us all to some of the latest and greatest ways to go about killing pests. The crowd loved his energy and enthusiasm. After the show, he had this to say about the New York Pest Expo: Great meeting sir. It was a privilege to be included as a speaker. Your event should serve as a model for how it can be done. You engaged both the audience and the exhibitors. Both groups got value for the time and dollars spent to attend. Well done!”

Well, Jeff, it was a privilege to have you speak at our event. You are an important reason why this year’s show was such a success.

For more on any of Jeff’s favorite products or for “Everything in Pest Control”, please contact us at Bug Off Pest Control Center. Let us know what some of your favorite tools of the trade are. We’d love to hear from you.

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