2012 New York Pest Expo Speakers: Alan Huot and Dr. Stuart Mitchell

Posted: October 10, 2012 in New York Pest Expo
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We have so many details regarding the New York Pest Expo we want to share with everyone and not much time. In today’s blog post we are introducing you to two more exciting presentations and the gentlemen presenting them.

Please join us in welcoming Alan Huot, of Wildlife Control Supplies. If you missed “Call of the Wild” in April, 2012, here’s your chance to learn how to add this lucrative service to your business portfolio. Alan will be presenting: Adding Wildlife Control to Your Existing Business

Alan is a Certified Wildlife Control Professional with over 30 years experience in the field. He is a founding member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA); member of the National Animal Control Association and member of the NPMA. Alan and his wife Carol founded Wildlife Control Supplies to fill the needs of the growing wildife control industry. This is his first appearance as a speaker and exhibitor at the New York Pest Expo.

We are looking forward to hearing from Dr. Stuart Mitchell of PestWest Environmental. Dr. Mitchell will be presenting: Advanced Flying Insect Control – A look at the order Diptera and its primary species. We will pay close attention to their public health significance. We will also explore methods for their control.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell is an observing physician. He is also a Board Certified Entomologist. He has been in the pest management industry since 1982 as a technical specialist, consultant, expert witness, columnist and lecturer.  He has been a technical director for the NPMA and BCE Director in 2009. He currently serves as principal technical specialist for PestWest Environmental. This is Dr. Mitchell’s first appearance at the New York Pest Expo.


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