How would you say “Happy National Pest Management Month”?

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Bug Off Pest Control Center, Pest Control Industry News
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For over 30 years now, April has been National Pest Management Month. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) chose this month to recognize the industry for its role in “protecting public health and property from significant pest threats”.

We all appreciate the hard work each and every Pest Management Professional (PMP) and partner contributes to our industry. How do you imagine a message would look like on a Hallmark Greeting card? What would the perfect gift be for the PMP in your life?”

Go ahead – be creative and share your ideas.

For more on NPMA’s National Pest Management month please visit PCT Magazine’s recent article.

Please comment here on our blog “The Center” or visit our Facebook page and post your message there.

  1. daiseybug says:

    To the Best Pest Partner a Ladybug could have. Frank Honess, my husband, partner and teacher! Thanks for introducing me to Bed bugs and more! Sandy, Ladybug Pest Management, Delmar, Delaware.

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