Paul Bello, PJB Pest Managing Consulting Bed Bug Update: Technologies and Techniques

Posted: January 18, 2012 in New York Pest Expo
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This was a presentation not to be missed. Paul Bello is an authority on bed bugs. His experience, knowledge and passion regarding bed bugs and their impact on our society are what inspired him to write his book, The Bed Bug Combat Manual. The book was released just before the 2011 New York Pest Expo and signed, specially priced copies became available for the first time in New York at this great event. For those of you who missed the show, the book is still available through Bug Off Pest Control Center for only $50.00.

Paul’s presentation was chock full of the minutiae of bed bugs: size of eggs, walking speed, etc. But what really caught our attention was some of the devastating effects bed bugs can cause. Ignorance and frustration have led to misapplication of pesticides, poisonings and destruction of property. We’ve included some videos for your viewing pleasure.

Paul stressed that bed bugs are a growing problem that won’t be going away any time soon. It’s important that people be open to learning the proper approach to a bed bug treatment. Once they take the time to understand the correct procedures they can see a light at the end of the tunnel that allows everyone peace of mind and body.

The secret to bed bug control is simply to inspect and treat all the places where the bed bugs are with the most appropriate products for the particular situation. Be thorough and follow up as needed. Use as much variety as possible: Use traps, monitors, interceptors and canines; steamers, vacuums, sealants and bedding encasements; and when using pesticides, think of throwing various formulations and chemicals families into the mix.

If you are interested in seeing more videos or pictures from Paul, please send him a 4 gigabyte flash drive with a return envelope to: 455 Crepe Myrtle Drive, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005.

For the comprehensive bed bug article on our website, kindly click here to visit our website.


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