Implementing Direct Marketing and E-Marketing Programs Harvey Goldglantz, Pest Control Marketing Co., Inc

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Bug Off Pest Control Center, New York Pest Expo
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In a tough economy pest control operators need to really focus on unique marketing plans that work. That’s why Bug Off Pest Control Center invited Harvey Goldglantz, one of the industry’s leading marketing specialists, to the 2011 New York Pest Expo.

Harvey presented Implementing Direct Marketing and E-Marketing Programs – a fast-paced and information-packed session about Direct Marketing, Internet Marketing and E-Mail broadcasting programs. If you blinked, you may have missed something that could make or save you thousands of dollars.

When it comes to a direct marketing campaign what you want is a response. So we create promotions and deliver them through newsletters, postcards, mailers, snap-mailers, door hangers, etc. The response rate we get from these efforts is generally due to the following breakdown: 40% depends on the targeted list, 20% depends on the nature of the offer, 18% depends on timing, 12% depends on copy and 10% depends on layout. Harvey highly recommends hiring a professional to design your piece.  It should have captivating headlines, attractive colors, and plenty of white space.

When it comes to marketing, we must know what works best and how to measure its success. The average response rate is 2% of the list. Close ratio averages 20% of the response rate. Ex: 5,000 mailings get you 100 responses (2%) which in turn results in 20 sales (20%).  If the average cost of the mailing is $2,000.00 ($0.40 per unit) the PCO will need about $2,200.00 in sales just to break even ($110.00 per sale). To make the most of this effort and investment Harvey once again recommends hiring a specialist.

Some “dos” and “don’ts” to acquire retain and win back customers

  • Do:
    •  Make it easy to respond
    •  Use incentives
    •  Create a sense of urgency
    •  Focus on the audience
    •  Test everything
    •  Use active words
    •  Set goals
    •  Analyze the results
    •  Hire a specialist
  • Don’t:
    •  Forget to follow up
    •  Forget to include a call to action
    •  Try it once and give up
    •  Assume because you like something your client will

Harvey also reviewed e marketing. He defined it as the process of marketing a brand using the Internet or related electronic media. The benefits of e-marketing are highly targeted, immediate, measurable, better conversion rates, and cost effective. Before you can even consider an effective e-marketing campaign you must have an effective website.

Important criteria for a successful website:

  •  Visually pleasing
  •  Easy to navigate
  •  Have meaningful content
  •  Include a call to action
  •  All critical data above the fold
  •  Contain a place to sign up for a newsletter
  •  Social media links
  •  Tracking
  •  Statistics and analytics

Be aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media. To be optimized in searches, use the key words throughout your website and all your e-marketing efforts that reflect the terms someone would use to search out your business. With regards to social media, collect content continuously and give it to your social media person to post and monitor.

Dos of Social Media:

  •  Do keep up strong content and activity
  •  Do hire a pro

Don’ts of Social Media:

  •  Don’t sit on the sideline
  •  Don’t lose control of your brand
  •  Don’t worry about things going wrong. This is how you learn.

Very few people use the Yellow Pages anymore. They just “Google” what they are looking for or look to their friends for recommendations. So if you haven’t already invested in e-marketing and social media, please reconsider. After all, you may not be participating in social media but your competition is and they have the leg up on you.

So “Do” be sure to market yourself and “Don’t” be afraid to try something new and different!

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