Recently, PCT magazine featured an article by our friend June Van Klaveren, “Turning Green to Gold”. It discussed add-on services and how they can help pest control operators keep their technicians busy throughout the year and bring more to the bottom line. Some add-on services mentioned are handyman services, holiday lighting, snow removal, lawn care, wildlife prevention and more. Specifically, PCT Magazine showcases TAP Insulation.

As posted in the article: What is TAP Insulation? TAP is the result of the merger of two technologies: A natural borate insecticide combined with natural cellulose insulation. It is a new form of pest control that uses the thermal envelope of a home to provide protection against pests. It provides Thermal, Acoustical and Pest Control (TAP) qualities and is made of recycled newspaper. The paper is reduced in size and then fed through a disc-mill that processes the fibers into a cotton-ball-like substance. The product is then infused with a special formulation of borates to help control pests and render the insulation fire-retardant.

Borates have long been used in pest control formulations because insects do not build resistance to them. The insulation does not need retreating and is effective against ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites and other pests, the company reports. It is promoted as a proactive, preventive and progressive IPM approach.

Because the material is blown into attics and walls, it leaves no gaps, the manufacturer says. “TAP provides pest control properties and simply caps what’s already in place in the attic bringing it to the recommended R-value,” said Paul Hardy Sr., technical director for Orkin. “The only tool the technician has to carry to sell the service is knowledge of the benefits of borates and a ruler to measure current insulation.” Hardy had a major role in the development and testing of TAP.  You can meet Mr. Hardy at the 2011 New York Pest Expo on November 11 where he will be a featured speaker.

Bill Turk, owner of TAP is quoted as saying “TAP is the only insecticide with an Energy Star label from the U.S. EPA for its part in protecting America’s vital energy reserve. It is more effective than the cheaper but widely used glass fiber in all aspects. Simply, it takes less energy to make TAP, it takes less energy to heat and cool homes with TAP, and it presents no environmental hazard if ever removed.”

Tap Insulation is a great add-on for any pest control company. TAP will be demonstrating its product at the New York Pest Expo on 11-11-11.  Please be sure to visit them for more details on how to add TAP to your service portfolio.

Please let us know if you currently offer add-on services. If so, what are they and how have they benefited you and your customers? Would you consider TAP? We’re eager to hear from you.

Source: PCT Online Features – Add-On Services


written by: June Van Klaveren, owner Compelling Communications, a marketing firm based in Manchester, Mo


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