Our friends, Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists (BBFS), will be sponsoring BrickUnderground.com’s next BedbuggedNYC Meetup on September 15th.

BrickUnderground.com’s BedbuggedNYC Meetup will deliver the practical lowdown on bed bugs–including what they really look like, where to find them, how to get rid of them, who pays, how to get your landlord or board to do the right thing, and how to deal with the emotional trauma and social stigma of infestation.

Our expert panel, moderated by BrickUnderground.com founder and bed bug obsessive Teri Rogers, will convene from 6:30-8:30 pm on Thursday, Sept. 15th, at the West 23rd Street penthouse headquarters of co-host and neighborhood social networking site  Romio.com , which will provide wine and snacks along with the venue.

(In fact, after you’re done reserving your Meetup spot, be sure to sign up at Romio.com to start a conversation with your neighbors–about bed bugs, neighborhood WiFi, best local wine bar, whatever you want–and unlock other neighborhoods to get the dialogue going there too.)

Bonus: Our  very forward-thinking Meetup sponsor  Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists  will also be on hand to explain how to  bed bug proof your next move and introduce you to  The Fume Cube , a smart new advance in bed-bug treatment that anyone in an infested building should learn about pronto.

The BedbuggedNYC panel includes:

  • Gil Bloom, president of Standard Pest Managementis an entomologist, pest control operator, New York Magazine’s “Best Bedbug Warrior of 2011,” and a former member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Bed Bug Advisory Board. He has also provided training to a number of city agencies. Gil will kick off the BedbuggedNYC Meetup with an overview on what you need to know about preventing, detecting, and banishing bed bugs from your apartment.
  • Steven Wagner, real estate lawyer, Wagner Davis PC:  There’s only so much an individual apartment dweller can do about a bed bug problem elsewhere in the building, so what are your legal rights and how do you get your landlord or board to do the right thing?  Who’s responsible for the cost of extermination in your own apartment? Can a landlord refuse to rent to you if you had bed bugs in your last place?  These are the kinds of questions Steve lives to answer, and he will.
  • Theresa Braine, journalist, bed bug survivor, and  BrickUnderground’s Bedbugged! columnist:  Fresh from a 7-year stint working as a journalist in Mexico, Theresa returned to NYC in 2008, took over her brother’s Brooklyn apartment, and got a nasty surprise: A bed bug infestation. Reflecting on her yearlong battle to get rid of the bugs, Theresa will discuss the emotional and social side effects of having bed bugs, what coping measures worked for her and what didn’t and what she’d do today if faced with the same situation again.
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