Recently, PCT Magazine published an article outlining some of the biggest trends in the pest control industry over the last 10 years. One of the interesting trends they covered was technology. Advances in relevant technologies is something PMP’s must consider in order to improve daily operations.

Most businesses use some kind of customer relationship management system (CRM). These software programs allow businesses to understand and manage their customers better – their revenues, account receivable history, marketing preferences and more. Our industry is based on customer service. Selecting a CRM that works best for you and your customers is critical to maintaining a strong client base.

The use of GPS has proven to be a game changer in our industry. It allows for quick and accurate response times and improved routing. PCO’s can also reduce time spent on the road not treating pests and increase revenue by maximizing the number of treatments per day. GPS also helps reduce gas usage.

Our industry has taken hold of advances in technology to improve routing, customer relationships and daily operations, to name a few.  Technology is everywhere today. Those who embrace it will evolve. Those who don’t will most likely fall behind. The customer expects a quick response, good results and accurate billing. If any of these areas falls short, the customer will look elsewhere.

A recent Gaebler small business post reports nearly 8 million small-to-medium sized businesses in the United States will spend more than $125 billion on advanced technology in 2011. Are you part of that statistic?

Please, share with us how you’ve embraced the technology available to our industry and what you would like to see in the future.

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