Well, it wasn’t Andy. It was, however, our very own social media maven, Terri Mason! We received a call from George Casey at PMP Magazine asking if we knew of anyone who could talk with this great group about Social Media. We immediately thought of Terri who had participated in our Social Media Summer School last year.

Here’s Terri’s report from the conference…

What a great group of people! I was so honored that Andy recommended me for this presentation and thankful for the warm welcome I received from Valera Jesse and all the attendees at this year’s UPF&DA conference.

As many are aware, social media is all the rave now. In 2010, most industry conferences focused on the fundamentals of it. Everyone wanted to know how to get involved with it and use it for engagement. This year, the big topic seems to be how to use social media to market products. This was the case in San Antonio for the 2011 UPF&DA. We talked about the strength of Facebook ‘fans’, LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers. If these groups are strong and truly interested, companies will have what I call a “lifetime panel of loyal customers”. This is the key to any successful product launch. A company can go to these groups to identify focus groups, conduct surveys, and promote product participation. Of course, the strength of video and how powerful it can be was also part of the discussion.  Individuals and companies can use video to share instructions on the application and uses of a product. You can also encourage customers to show how they use the product. So, the next time you are treating a client’s home or place of business, ask them if they want to participate in a video commercial that will be posted on You Tube.

The conference was well planned and filled with great topics. In addition to my social media presentation there were other wonderful speakers discussing some fascinating topics. We were all given a warm and humorous BIG Texas welcome from Tim Gafford, the Texas PCA President. He reminded us that we “could all go to Hell and he would go to Texas”, a Davey Crockett quote. He was followed by NPMA’s Bob Rosenberg who presented Biodiversity vs. EPA Lawsuit. This was perhaps not the most uplifting topic but a big eye opener.  Are you familiar with the protected species in your market and how to apply product within the EPA’s limits? You may want to find out how to avoid fines and, perhaps, jail time.

One topic that will soon be impacting all PCO’s is the EPA’s Rodenticide ruling going into effect on June 4th of this year. If you need to learn about this ruling, as well as about rodent control best practices and myths and misconceptions regarding rodents, don’t miss Bug Off Pest Control Center’sComprehensive Rodent Workshop on June 30. Information will be posted soon.  In the meantime, you can learn more about the ruling by reading Rodent Reports: What the EPA’s Rodenticide Ruling Means to PMPs.

Of course, what PMP conference is complete without a session on bedbugs? Dan Moreland, GIE Media, shared with us some factoids and numbers about this issue.  What’s your biggest issue when treating for bedbugs?

This year’s UPFDA conference was short, but sweet, and informative.  They did a great job organizing it and making it a great success for all who attended!

Again, I want to say a special thank you to Andy Linares, Bug Off Pest Control Center; George Casey, PMP Magazine and Valera Jesse, UPFDA for this wonderful opportunity and making me feel so welcomed.  Thank you.

by: Terri Mason, How To Go Social

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