As many of our customers and friends know, Bug Off Pest Control Center is home to not only some of the best pest management products but also a source for knowledge! For years we have been providing some great training courses, professional workshops, and of course, the New York Pest Expo!

As a pest control expert you’re required to continue your education and receive credits. We offer a variety of state approved programs throughout the year. The next one on the calendar is the The State-Approved Certification/Recertification Career Training Course kicking off on April 2. This course can be used for:

  • Required training for those wishing to become licensed in New York
  • New York recertification credits
  • Apprenticeship training for new employees
  • Category-specific credits for Applicators wishing to add more categories
  • Category-specific credits for license upgrade

Our Graduates are employed by large pest control companies and government agencies while others have established their own successful businesses. If you are one of them, leave your thoughts on these sought after courses.

To learn more or register for the Certification/Recertification Career Training Course please follow click here. Thanks so much! And if there is a course you want Bug Off Pest Control Center to offer please tell us here in the comment section.

For more information on our future trainings and industry news please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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