We have had a lot of interest in this series of posts. The fear of bed bug infestations are wide spread. From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, no city is left untouched. They’re in our shopping centers, movie theaters and homes. Hopefully, our series of posts have provided some insight and useful information to protect yourself and your homes from these nasty, little, hitch hikers.

Before we go we want to leave you with this thought from a good friend of Bug Off Pest Control Center, Dr. Michael Potter at the University of Kentucky:

“Bed bug management will be handicapped until the chemical industry invents a safe, residually potent product with a permissive label. In the meantime, we must use the tools available. The essence of bed bug management remains hard work, and constant vigilance to prevent or detect infestations in the early stages. This cannot be achieved by the pest management industry without informed and cooperative customers.”

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Thank you!


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