If you’ve been following this series of posts about bed bugs you now know a little bit about their history and description. Following up on  Dr. Ballard’s presentation at the NY Pest Expo 2010Advances In Bed Bug Control Protocols we will now help you understand how an infestation can happen.

How Did I Get Them?

Although it may seem that bed bugs arise from thin air, chances are that they were imported in luggage, furniture, beds, etc.  Outbreaks can often be traced to overseas travel where bed bugs may have been present in cruise ships, resorts, hotel rooms or hostels.  Bed bugs are cryptic and agile and can easily escape detection after crawling into your suitcase, backpack or other belongings.  Other sources of infestation may be the purchase of recycled mattresses and boxsprings or the introduction of contaminated furniture. Bed bugs may also migrate from adjacent infested apartments.

All that is required for bed bugs to thrive is an abundance of cracks in which to hide and the presence of warm-blooded hosts.  Unlike roaches that thrive in filthy conditions, cleanliness is not a determining factor when it comes to bed bug infestations.  They have been detected in pristine homes and in spotless hotel rooms.  What is important is early detection.  Once an infestation becomes established the costs and efforts associated with control become much greater than if the infestation had been identified in its early stages.

Bed bug feeding

Please keep an eye for the next post in this series from Bug Off Pest Control Center, Control of Bed Bugs.

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