Our article Invasion of the Body Snackers – Bed bugs are Back was written long before bed bugs were making the daily news. We wanted to bring it back to your attention because it is a great follow up to the post covering Dr. Ballard’s presentation at the New York Pest Expo 2010, Advances In Bed Bug Control Protocols.

An Introduction:

After being all but invisible for half a century, bed bugs are back with a vengeance in the US.  Most Americans have never dealt with a bed bug.  Until recently, they were a rarity even among most pest control professionals.  Although bed bug infestations were common in the US prior to WWII, improvements in hygiene and the introduction of more effective pesticides (DDT) in the ’40s and ’50s made bed bugs an insignificant pest. They were still common in other regions of the world, however, and in recent years bed bugs have made a dramatic comeback in the US.  The biggest contributors for this resurgence are greater rates of immigration, more international travel and the expansion of global trade.  Add to this the introduction of new pest control practices that leave bed bugs unharmed as well as the removal of many effective pesticides and you have the makings of an outbreak.

Bed bug incidents are increasing all over the world and they are appearing almost everywhere. In the United States the greatest number of encounters are in homes and apartments, hotels and motels, college dorms, homeless shelters and nursing homes. There have also been sightings in office buildings, hospitals, movie theaters, public transportation and department stores. Not surprising given the ability of this pest to hitchhike in people’s personal belongings.

Please continue to follow Bug Off Pest Control Center’s series Invasion of the Body Snackers – Bed bugs are Back for our next installment.

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