Pete Grasso, Technical Editor, PMP Magazine was kind enough to share with the attendees of the New York Pest Expo 2010 his blogging knowledge. Pete was a natural choice for this presentation. He has been writing a great industry blog, Keeping It Simple, for quite a while now.

Since launching his blog Pete has learned a lot about this tool and how it can help your business. Basically, a blog is journal, or newsletter, that is updated on a regular basis and showcases your expertise. A blog also helps to promote your business and your website.

Search engines love blogs. When a search engine crawls the web it is looking for the newest, freshest information on a topic. A website is not updated often, but a blog is! The more often you post relevant information the more likely your blog will be featured in a Google search.  This is a prime example of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The search engines need to know what to look for when an individual begins a search. So be sure to use relevant keywords and phrases throughout your posts.

Some things to keep in mind to maintain a strong blog and your SEO are:

  • Make a schedule – decide your frequency and keep a backlog of blogs
  • Make an impact with your blog – provide useful, new information. Be controversial.
  • Link, Link, Link
  • Stay on topic – don’t post irrelevant information, keep it short and   don’t be too commercial
  • Make the time – set aside time each week, make it a team effort
  • Ideas are everywhere – scribble down ideas, read other blogs, share your stories

Writing and maintaining your blog will come easy once you get the hang of it. But some things to keep in mind are the things NOT TO DO.  Some blogging mistakes to avoid are:

  • Don’t expect readers overnight — it takes time
  • Don’t ignore your readers — if they comment, acknowledge it
  • Don’t steal content
  • Don’t forget about your blog
  • Don’t attack others
  • Don’t “over decorate” your blog
  • Don’t forget to proofread and spell-check your posts
  • Don’t repost your own stuff — link back to old posts instead
  • Don’t lie or post false information
  • Don’t make it unreadable — be specific instead of using pronouns as links
  • Don’t post one-sentence entries
  • Don’t apologize for not blogging — just keep posting
  • Don’t get off topic for the sake of keeping it going (posting unrelated videos, content)
  • Don’t forget to read it out loud before posting
  • Don’t overanalyze your post — keep it positive, but don’t worry about negative backlash
  • Don’t be viewed as amateurish
  • Don’t lose your perspective

There was so much to gain from this Pete’s presentation. The most important thing, just do it! Blogging will keep your brand fresh and noticed.

Thanks, Pete. Bug Off Pest Control Center took your advice! We’re sure others will too.

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