Dr. Bill Robinson was one of our esteemed speakers at the New York Pest Expo 2010 this past November. His presentation was titled The Economics of Application Equipment: Consider how insecticide is delivered in order to avoid over application and excess application. How proper technique increases residue efficacy and saves time and money.

Dr. Bill Robinson is the Technical Director of B&G Equipment Company. He has served as a Professor and Director of the Urban Pest Control Research Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He is also a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University, China. Dr. Robinson is the author of over 200 papers in scientific and trade journals in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His most recent book Urban Insects and Arachnids, was published in 2005.

We can all use a tip or two, or more, on the proper use and maintenance of our equipment and its use. Dr. Robinson first reminded us to read the label. Understanding the proper use of the equipment will help to optimize the application of the product. This in turn results in better yields and reduced costs.  He went on to say the most common mistake in applying insecticides is over application. Many times it is assumed that using a higher concentration or increasing the spray volume will provide better control. This is not so. The only thing this will do is put the operator in violation of state and federal laws. So be aware of the proper use and application of your product.

Selecting your equipment is critical for delivering the insecticide as prescribed and doing it as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind, whatever savings you may have incurred by selecting a product that was not recommended are quickly lost in the cost of over application and repairs.

Just as important as selecting your equipment is maintaining it. Keep it in its original working condition and it will keep delivering to you good results.

So, choose the right equipment, understand its applications and maintain it. In return you will be more efficient and you will save money.

For more information regarding the application of pesticides by Dr. Bill Robinson please visit the Bug Off Pest Control Centers website archives.

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